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If you can't read what the super hero is saying due to my poor image editing: 'Shh... my common sense is tingling'

Being transparent has never been an issue for me in my personal life.  I’m sometimes a bit too honest (being a smart ass helps too) – in other words… this girl has a mouth on her. It’s gotten me into trouble many times – it’s also given me some sort of reputation with close family and friends – something about being opinionated, bossy, assertive *shrug* – NO idea what they are talking about *wink*.

I hold back a lot on my blog – I don’t lie – I just leave out and gloss over some of the not so nice details sometimes because frankly… I like to make nice.  I don’t like drama and I think online drama is the worst kind.  I’d much rather have it out with you discuss the issue calmly on the phone than via the keyboard (even if I can type 70 wpm).

Time to remove the barrier… I was torn between truly being me on this blog and starting an anonymous blog where I could be me without it affecting people.  My very small blog of 10 subscribers has already made my step-sister stop talking to me.

Not on purpose… I’ve basically stopped making new friends in person – despite moving to Strathmore only 4 months ago – I have yet to find a friend (or a man – but that’s a WHOLE ‘nother blog post) worth me making the time to spend with them.  I don’t know if it’s motherhood, or being single or getting older or a combination of all these things that makes it so hard to find people that are either open minded enough to hang out with me or that just even have the same basic values (common sense is a hard trait to find in people – let me tell ya!).

I think I’ve had a fairly interesting life so far and hope to continue having one – I find myself not posting things on my blog because I don’t want to stir the boat.  I know that not everyone is going to agree with what I say or do and I really don’t like being out of sorts with people (especially if I piss off the people closest to me – which I’m likely to do, consider yourself warned).  I’m a lover not a fighter and I want to be everyone’s friend! Okay, maybe not everyone but being publicly disliked isn’t exactly my cup of tea and I think that’s what I fear the most.  I’m sometimes publicly (albeit a smaller public)  disliked in person so why not online too!  So I’m taking the plunge.

I want to be transparent – I’m not a company or organization (like John C Havens’ book: Tactical Transparency) but I think ‘netiquette isn’t always paid attention to and I think if you use common sense and decency, be nice and treat people how you want to treated – there’s no need for you to be anything but transparent.  In the spirit of full disclosure: I don’t get money from this if you buy the book – John’s just a super funny and nice guy who I met through podcasting.

Big thanks to my good friend, social media strategist and blogger Tammy Munson (love you chica!) for the awesome late night and fun conversation we had – she gave me a push in the right direction – ‘no need to be anonymous… just be yourself, cause you rock!’ was the basic message in a nutshell (I’m sure she’ll correct me if I’m wrong).

We talked about being a brand. I don’t consider myself a brand. I’m just a person, a weird, sometimes funny, sometimes annoying person that happens to be a mom (once) and an ex-wife (twice) – who will no longer be holding back on this here piddly little blog.  So watch out! Here I come!

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WOOHOO Wendidly ! I’m so glad you’re moving forward with this.. and YES you are a ROCKSTAR Chica!!!

Love you too!!!!!

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