I’m going raw

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Get your mind outta the gutter – I’m talking food, not sex, ya perv lol

I figure if I blog about transitioning to a raw food diet – the prep, the transition, recipes – maybe I’ll stick to it.  After working out for 5 days a week for six weeks and not losing much poundage I figured it was time to change the eating habits – I was being good food wise but working in a pizza shop does not help.

I have a juicer coming (thanks to a friend).  I have the Eating for Energy ebook with all the bonuses a girl could ask for.  I also have two raw food recipe books that I got for a steal on with a gift card I got from another friend/business buddy.  These are them:

While I wait for the juicer to arrive – I will read and attempt to understand the basic biological science behind a raw diet – tips, tricks and how to transition without ending up in the bathroom for hours on time (I’ve heard this could happen).

I feel like this will bring me back to nature.  I hope it will help me not require a ton of new kitchen stuff when we move since all I kept last time we packed up was my Pampered Chef gear which I haven’t unpacked because we don’t live in our own place yet.  Looking forward to saving up for a good set of knives and a better blender – what I have now will work until then.

Now I may not go all the way raw – as I transition I’ll see what I’m comfy with – I’ve always said I would end up vegetarian or vegan so we’ll see how it goes.

Either way this will help with my intake of fresh veggies, fruit and the like.  I tend to buy it and then ‘save it’ for Kaius, which is silly because I could buy more when it runs out.

Wish me luck!

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Good luck!!! Hope it works well for you!!! Evan cant eat any red meat at all anymore because he gets very sick from it so if you try some recipes and they are a ‘must’ then let me know and pass it on!!! Love ya!!!

Just dropping by to say hello. I often consider “raw” – Congrats on taking on this challenge – so healthy!

BTW, are you on Twitter. Singlemommyhood would like to follow you. Take care.

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