Spies are polite and quiet on their feet

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Walking to school today I was a little bit fed up of telling Kaius to pick up his feet.  That habit and the one where he says ‘huh’ or ‘what’ instead of ‘pardon me’ are probably the two things that annoy me the most – especially when I’m constantly reminding him.  I don’t have to remind him to ask how someone is after they ask how he is.  He’s really good with please and thank you.  For some reason some things just aren’t sticking.

I think I found a way to get him to remember or at least make the reminding part a bit more fun!

It all started with the Backyardigans – a brilliant kids show – one of my favorites.  One of Kaius’ favorites is the The Backyardigans – Super Secret Super Spy movie (Cyndi Lauper is the Pink Lady when she sings – too much fun!).  Then there was Cats and Dogs – a movie about animals that are spies.  Spy Kids 1, 2 and 3 helped too.

This morning before we left for school he told me he wanted to walk to school with his binoculars so he could spy.  While we were walking to school and I’d reminded him a half a dozen times to pick up his feet – finally I whispered… ‘Spies are quiet, if you’re spying your can’t drag your feet, people will hear you’ – well it was on – I didn’t have to remind him the rest of the way to school.

So I took it to the next level and also told him that spies are gentlemen and are very polite.  So instead of ‘yay’ it’s ‘yes’ and instead of ‘huh’ it’s ‘pardon me’ and instead of ‘what?’ it’s ‘yes mom?’.

Let’s hope it sticks.

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That is awesome! I love it when we can make a point using something they believe in. Andrew always thinking I’m just being mean and therefor gives no credit to what I’m saying. If I can prove it using an example from something he believes in, it always works much better. It especially makes him crazy when I can use the Bible to show him he’s misbehaving. Mwahaha!

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