Heavy Situation

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Forgive me Blog Father for I have sinned, it’s been almost a year since my last blog post….

I am truly blessed – life is good. I have an awesome job, I have a fantastic man, my son is mostly healthy (these damn colds this winter last way too long people) and hilarious – it really doesn’t get much better than it is right now.

So, why am I up at 3am on a Saturday writing a blog post… two words… Acid Reflux.

My issues with food have been an ongoing struggle. In principle I know how to ‘fix’ it and I’m ready.

In grade six I was ‘slightly’ molested by a family member.  I say ‘slightly’ because it was outside of my clothes and it was a one time thing.  It was quick and I ran almost instantly.  I’ve been chubby ever since – my theory is that I was trying to make myself unattractive to men (it didn’t work!).  I’m not blaming anyone but myself because honestly I don’t think it affected me for long but it affected me long enough to obtain some very bad eating habits which is now what I’m dealing with.

I keep coming back to feeling like I need someone to tell me what to eat – perhaps paying someone to tell me what to eat… but I already know what I shouldn’t be eating and drinking.  I’ve done Jenny Craig twice with success but it’s expensive and I have a hard time eating all the food they want me to eat.

I have everything else in my life in a good groove.  I’m better with my money than I’ve ever been – helps to have a job that pays well – I have some personal loans that will be paid off before the end of 2011 and then it’s on to ‘Operation: Buy a House!’.  I’m in a very fulfilling relationship with someone I respect and adore.  My son is becoming a very cool little person even if he’s hooked on Mario (winter will be over soon and I won’t have to hear that annoying video game repetitive music as much) and keeps banging his head on things.

The time has come to take my health and eating habits into serious scrutiny, make changes – they might be small changes but they are for the better.  I’ll get there.

This week: eat more fruit and veggies… it’s worked out well and my body is liking it.
Next week: keep up the fruit and veggies and drink WAY more water.

Any tidbits or advice or encouraging words are always welcome!

Going to try to blog more frequently, I’ve made that promise before without success so don’t quote me on it but it’s been pulling me lately so add that to the list… once a week blog post… to start. :)

Later gators,

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