I love music and play the clarinet in a community band here in New Westminster – band practices and performances are my happy place, it feeds my soul. I was a ‘band geek’ in high school and it was the best time of my life. I joined everything I could in high school to escape being at home. Being in band and the Boys and Girls Club leadership program were my favourites – I would volunteer for everything I could.

I went to 18 schools in 13 years of schooling (failed Grade 5 because I went to three schools that year) between Vancouver, British Columbia and London, Ontario. After high school I took an Administrative Assistant program at the local community college.

My childhood wasn’t always pleasant (physical and emotional abuse, small incident of molestation which I now realize is why I got chubby in Grade 6). I moved out at 16, I wanted to graduate with my friends so stayed in Coquitlam while my family moved again. I went on welfare and got a job at a video store. I couldn’t afford to live in Coquitlam so moved to Surrey and was given permission to keep going to school in Coquitlam – commuting between the two back then was no joke.

Until 6 years ago, I’ve never lived in the same place for more than a year (Dad was in construction and went where the work was, plus I was back and forth between Mom and Dad after they were divorced, which made for lots of moving between BC, Ontario and Saskatchewan). I moved around a lot as an adult too.

I wouldn’t change it for the world – I am who I am because of it all and I like who I’ve become. I work hard and I put a lot into my reputation. I’m passionate about doing a great job and exceeding expectations.

I’ve been married twice (not married anymore) and my son is the reason I work so hard. I want him to have the life and the opportunities I didn’t have.