A Vancouver, BC Canada based Customer Success Advocate with 5+ years of supporting large organizations through their enterprise SaaS software implementation, software training and customer support experience including assisting with development priorities, testing and the product release process.

Communicating with team members and customers is where I excel.  I use every call and support ticket as a training opportunity, enabling me to learn more about our customers’ needs and issues.  I share this information with the Product Management and Development teams, to improve the quality of our product.  I also use these insights to find better ways to use the software and share this knowledge with customers during implementations, training sessions and support calls/tickets.

My administrative background and computer skills have contributed to my success by helping me be efficient and organized in all my tasks, whether I’m sending mass emails or leading a training session.  I use creative problem solving and troubleshooting to help me find the best solution to a problem.  I am very positive and cheerful, which helps to build rapport with the clients, in addition to treating them with respect.  I know which questions to ask, who to ask and how to ask.  I also know how to listen.  My helpful nature makes me well suited to customer support/service.

“So much of my confidence in <the software> was a direct result of your incredible support-just the right combination of technical excellence and first-rate customer service. You are outstanding at what you do. But, I am sure that people must tell you that all the time.”
~ Delona Hope – 360 Project Inc.


  • Stand… Speak… Soar! Workshop
  • Pragmatic Product Management Training
  • Administrative Assistant Program
  • Administrative Experience (20 years)
  • Customer Support Experience (5 years)
  • Extensive experience on Windows and Mac based computers
    • typing speed of 75wpm
    • word processing, spreadsheets, email client (Outlook, Thunderbird), etc.
    • very well versed and confident using online tools, social media and technology
    • Zendesk, Wufoo, WordPress, Jira, MailChimp, SalesForce, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive/Docs, Hootsuite, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snagit, etc.
    • basic (self-taught) experience with HTML, CSS and Web Design
    • voice over audio recording and editing
    • online event management
    • transcription
    • website and email hosting